Hi, you are here!  Chances are you're enrolled in (or curious about) the special seminar that I'll be offering during IAP 2013 @ MIT:

Keystone Cities: Networked Approaches to Urban Sustainability

Keystone Cities is going to be a dynamic and interactive exploration of how the definition of "urban sustainability" has evolved over the past two decades (give or take a few years).  

Gone are the days when municipal governments could get by putting in LED traffic lights and turning off the A/C in city hall an hour early.  

Urban sustainability policies have become increasingly holistic and complex.  They also grown to involve a dizzying diversity of actors ranging from local industries to community groups and NGOs.  Together we are going to cover how we got to this point and what the impacts are of this networked approach to climate governance.

We'll be using this space to exchange ideas and different found  artifacts that in some way embody the different facets of this transition from narrow climate government to broad networks of climate governance. 

If you aren't registered yet, find the seminar description and code here

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