Course Readings

The readings for Keystone Cities are a balance between municipal climate and sustainability plans academic articles, on-line news and essays, and some popular non-fiction thrown in for good measure.

Below are the readings for each day as they presently stand, although I may make some adjustments as we go to respond to the interests of the group.

Monday - no pre-class readings. In class though we will be looking at two of plans from Portland (OR):
    • 1993 Carbon Dioxide Reduction Strategy (Resolution No. 35207) (we'll actually be reading the 2000, "Successes and Setbacks" report that outlines all the goals of the original plan, as well as performance during the first seven years.)

The remainder of the readings here should be read before that day's seminar.



    • Steven Johnson, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age.  - Selected Chapter(s).  Link to come.

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